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Since 1996, innovators in Europe.

Led since its inception by Mr. Silvestro Oliva and his family, SICA s.r.l. produces tomato preserves exclusively of Italian origin, in formats intended for the Ho.Re.Ca sector.

Because we do it.

To combine the wisdom in tomato processing with new technologies, to create a product of the highest quality with excellent nutritional characteristics.

This vision has joined a well-organized system that combines traceability and control with the use of increasingly efficient and sustainable technologies to create a product that is good, of high quality, and in harmony with people and the environment.

We produce
of the global production

of peeled tomatoes in 3kg sizes

We are extremely fast

canned in one hour
thanks to our facility

Solidity lies in consistency.

The Sica company produces various tomato derivatives exclusively for the restaurant industry. Thanks to constant investments and state-of-the-art facilities, production has grown by 20% annually since 1998, reaching a processing capacity of 100,000 tons of fresh tomatoes.

Leader in the Ho.Re.Ca. industry with 90,000 tons/year of packaged finished product, of which 30,000 tons/year are exported worldwide.

Presence in the main consumer countries of Italian products:

thanks to our attention to quality, SICA has established itself in Italy, Germany, England, and Australia, where Made in Italy has always been highly appreciated.

Quality and reliability guarantee in shipments:

We ensure the utmost care in the delivery of our products, becoming recognized partners by our customers.

Expansion into new markets:

The quality of our production has allowed SICA to establish itself in new markets such as Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, India, South Africa, where consumers increasingly appreciate our food.

For 60 years
innovators in the canned food industry.